In the Pacific Northwest, there are two translation certification programs available.

The details of these programs have been explained in a comparison chart. In the following chart, we will simply go through the comparative pass rates of the two programs.

Translation Certification Exam Pass Rates

English to Cambodian72% (29 test takers)
English to Chinese13.41%72%
English to Korean64%
English to Lao77% (13 test takers)
English to Russian15.23%61%
English to Spanish11.76%27%
English to Vietnamese35%
English to French9.09%
English to German27.36%
English to Italian28.57%
English to Japanese19.28%
English to Portuguese28.97%
English to Polish19.28%
Russian to English28.23%
Spanish to English12.04%
French to English18.22%
German to English26.78%
Japanese to English13.27%
Portuguese to English22.14%
Arabic to English9%
Comparison of ATA and WA DSHS pass rates.
ATA data from Not all ATA certified languages are reported on this chart.
WA DSHS Data from Dr. Hungling Fu, Washington DSHS, email dated April 19, 2017