Memory skills!

CLAS Standard 7: Competence of interpreters – Providing effective and accurate communication between individuals and providers To be able to accomplish this, memory skills are essential! An interpreter must be able to let the speakers express two or three sentences at a time. Why? Because people need to be able to express a coherent thought [...]

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How dual-role employees can keep track of their time

Several of my students are dual-role employees. They have told me that interpreting sneaks up on them, and we have discussed how to work this out. I created this spreadsheet to help them with this challenge, per their request. Well, I did offer to do it… Interpreting log for dual-role employees I suggested that they [...]

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Skills and Qualifications Required for Interpreters per CLAS Standards

CLAS Standard 7: “Ensure the competence of individuals providing language assistance” The Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services Standards published by the Office of Minority Health, US Department of Health and Human Services in April of 2013, are closely followed by many hospitals. These standards have been written to reduce health inequities. Projections show that in [...]

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