We are in this together: Gaucha COVID-19 discounts

As a partner in language access, Gaucha Translations has seen how the community is stretched in all directions. The lack of parking fees are stretching budgets for cities, the lack of ability to provide routine medical services is stretching the budgets of medical providers. During the COVID-19 crisis, Gaucha Translations is providing discounts on all [...]

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A new group represents medical interpreters in Oregon

A new group in Oregon: Oregon Interpreters in Action (OIA) email : interpretersinaction@gmail.com In Oregon, medical interpreters have shown the Legislature that their working conditions necessitate having a way to discuss working conditions. Oregon Interpreters in Action the group of independent contractors who are medical interpreters have those discussions. Check their meeting schedule and get [...]

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Opportunity cost for translators and interpreters

Opportunity cost is a key concept in business. When a product is late to market, the company has paid an opportunity cost. When a person takes a job that pays less than another, there is an opportunity cost. When I work with a client 40 hours a week as a contractor and disregard all the [...]

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Business certification: Women Business Enterprise

I just got a letter: Re: Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification Confirmation Certification No.: 11670 Why did I file for this? I certainly procrastinated for many years, because most of the interpreters I know are women, so it seemed redundant. Then I realized that I was running at a disadvantage if I didn’t file. I [...]

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How to start freelancing

These links are mostly from conversations in the Editorial Freelancers Association. Happy surfing! On the Basics: Tips for Getting Started in Editing or Freelancing On the Basics: So You Want to be a Freelancer On the Basics: So you Want to be an Editor (or Proofreader) EditTools: Duplicate References – A Preview When Is the Right Time [...]

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Work-life balance: What is it?

To serve you well, I have to keep all issues in context. This paper, Overwork in America, covers some important concepts. The following paragraphs explain how I intend to apply what I gleaned from this article. As a freelancer, I am responsible for determining my schedule. I have to take care of my health. In [...]

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Teamwork in translation with Tuality

I just finished working as a team with a client. It’s been awesome to help Tuality launch their website in Spanish! Check it out! When we started working, we went over this worksheet. We have been faithful to those principles in every project we have done together. Here is the Spanish site. Here is the [...]

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Business skills interpreters need

Interpreters need business skills to manage their client base and so they can also be marketable as administrative staff in a language company. Here is a tentative list of computer-based skills interpreters should acquire: How to invoice – Word has an invoicing template! How to follow instructions on a company’s invoicing practices. How to track [...]

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