I just finished working as a team with a client. It’s been awesome to help Tuality launch their website in Spanish! Check it out!

When we started working, we went over this worksheet. We have been faithful to those principles in every project we have done together.

Here is the Spanish site.

Here is the English site.

The taglines are slightly different. Taglines have to communicate well to the right audience. We talk things over and ask what is intended with that text.

The Spanish site says “your bill” and the English says “my bill”. These changes are culturally appropriate. All these differences were discussed with the Community Relations department until they said, “Helen, just keep on doing what you are doing. You know what we are thinking by now.”

As a final step, we sat down and spent a significant amount of time working together to make final pages once we saw how it looked on the page, live.

It’s a privilege to work as a team with a client who really wants to communicate well with the community! This is the hospital where my children were born. I am proud to help my community receive good healthcare by having good language access.

Helen Eby, owner of Gaucha Translations, following ASTM standards for translation.