Adding Languages for Interpretation in Zoom

Though Zoom has a default list of languages in the interpreting feature, you may need others at your meeting. On the Zoom profile page, click on settings. Make sure you are in the MEETING settings. Meeting should be highlighted in the tabs that go across the top. In the menu on the left, click on In [...]

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Health literacy resources

I had enjoyed the Legacy Health Oregon & SW Washington Health Literacy Conference, which served the Pacific Northwest for almost a decade. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 led them to cancel the 2020 conference and retire the conference in general. They have provided these resources for health literacy for those interested in this topic: Colorado [...]

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Good Spanish writing is not an accident

My book on Spanish writing, in draft form Getting Spanish writing right involves spelling, grammar, syntax... and plain old writing skills, just like in any other language. Except that writing in Spanish is the same as doing so English. Each language has its own rhythm, its own cadence. Tenses have different meanings in each [...]

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English Style Guides: I love CMOS

The following three style guides are listed as options in the ATA Certification Into-English Grading Standards. Here is my opinion regarding their usefulness for different applications. I have adopted the Chicago Manual of Style for the translation training course I teach. Why? The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law (I checked the 2016 [...]

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Books! Updated catalog for 2017

This was the second year I spoke at the Congreso San Jerónimo, hosted by the Feria Internacional del Libro (International Book Fair) in Guadalajara. My session was well received and I enjoyed developing relationships with colleagues and potential clients. This is also a Book Fair. The second largest in the world. Guadalajara pulls all the [...]

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Language… it gets updated

The latest update in our language, which takes many of us by surprise, is text messaging. Is it making our language worse? In many ways, it seems reminiscent of telegrams and telexes of a bygone era. When telegrams were sent by morse code, and telexes were sent over the phone wires with an expensive international [...]

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