Advanced English <> Spanish Translation Skills by Teleconference

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Some students who take this online course in EN/ES translators do so in preparation for certification exams. Others do so to improve their translation skills in their daily work. What sets our course apart is the individualized feedback each student receives from their weekly homework. When received on time, instructors review each homework assignment and balance the need for a professional edit with the pedagogic purpose of the assignment to provide relevant and helpful feedback before the next class. That is why we limit participation to only 12 students per instructor.

What we expect participants to accomplish

  • Use the ATA grading scale as a reference for measuring the quality of their translations in their work every day.
  • Transfer the skills acquired in the 10-session course to their daily work.
  • Identify their own strengths and weaknesses in translation.
  • Learn how to work in translation/bilingual editor teams.
  • Make a plan of future steps for personal improvement in translation.
  • Be ready to meet the job requirements expressed in the ILR Skill Level Descriptions for Translation Performance

Prerequisite: Candidates must pass an admissions test.

Investment: $650 ($ 550 for members of professional associations)

Additional cost for participating in both tracks: $175 ($150 for members of professional associations)

Participants who take the Spanish writing course in 2020 will receive a $50 discount on the 2021 translation training course.

2021 class: 10 sessions January 7 to March 11 on Thursdays from 5:15 to 7:15 pm Pacific time.

Theory from 5:15 to 6 pm Pacific

Review of translation texts from 6:15 to 7:15. pm Pacific

  • Weeks 1 to 5: All students meet for translation text review on Thursdays.
  • Weeks 6 to 10: Students choose whether to meet to discuss translation into English on Tuesdays or translation into Spanish on Thursdays.

Instructor bios

Online resource list

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CE credits obtained for 2021

  • 10 language-specific CE credits granted by Court Language Access Services (Oregon) for Oregon Court Interpreters
  • Gaucha Translations will help participants complete application forms for other states where Gaucha Translations has not filed for CE credits, since we cannot file in all 50 states.
  • As of January 1, 2020, the following policy applies for CIMCE (California CE credits for court interpreters): Continuing education activities must have an assigned CIMCE number granted by The Judicial Council of California, Court Interpreters Program, or other U.S. state courts or Administrative Office of the Courts (in our case, Oregon and Washington). CIMCE Compliance Requirements 2020

Note: CE certificates will state the number of sessions attended per WA DSHS requirements as recorded by the GoTo Training platform. Listening to recordings does not count as class attendance. To engage in class participation, instructors will ask participants to participate in discussion during the session and will use the homework submitted as a starting point for the lectures. Since the class size limit is 12 participants per instructor and there will be follow-up through homework, email and class participation, Gaucha Translations instructors have assurance that participants are engaged in the class almost as if they were attending a live class in a room.


CE credits obtained for 2020:

  • Professional CEU for WA AOC for Washington state credentialed interpreters – including rollover credits (number 308). 2 CEUs per session attended
  • WA DSHS, #163 – 2 CEUs per session attended

Technical requirements

  • Computer with good internet connection (participants will be entering answers on their computers on a regular basis)
  • Headset (using speakers for audio creates echoes for the other listeners)
  • Microphone (all participants will be interacting live on their microphones)


Highly recommended books

Other shorter and very helpful resources

Translation course syllabus

Theory topics and translation sections will have separate links for attendance. Starting on week 6, Spanish to English translation specialists will meet on Thursdays, not Tuesdays, for the translation review portion of the course. Everyone will meet on Tuesdays for the theory portion of the course for the complete duration of the course.
Syllabus subject to change based on the needs of the students.
DateTheory topicTranslation to be discussed
01/07/2021Introduction. Review of admissions test. Overview of how assignments will be done and evaluatedTranslation done for admissions test
01/14/2021Analysis of the messageEnglish to Spanish #1
01/21/2021Translation and review process. Balancing the use of different proceduresSpanish to English #1
01/28/2021Chicago Manual of Style: Overview.English to Spanish #2
02/04/2021Spanish style guides. Overview.Spanish to English #2
02/11/2021Online translation resources vetted by ATA.
Theory on Thursday, 5:15 to 6:00
E to S Feb 11 6:15 to 7:15
S to E discussion Feb 16 at 5:15
02/18/2021Translating meaning for meaning: Terminology research based on usage.
Theory on Thursday, 5:15 to 6:00
E to S Feb 18 6:15 to 7:15
S to E Feb 23
02/25/2021Reading the text as a translator. Translation procedures.
Theory on Thursday, 5:15 to 6:00
E to S Feb 25 6:15 to 7:15
S to E March 2
03/04/2021How to make your translation clear to your readers and meet the standards of the language geeks.
Theory on Thursday, 5:15 to 6:00
E to S March 4, 6:15 to 7:15
S to E March 9
03/11/2021Time management when translating with a deadline such as the ATA exam.
Theory on Thursday, 5:15 to 6:00
E to S March 11, 6:15 to 7:15
S to E March 16