Terminology Resources

Merck Manual – Consumer Version available in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Link checked on November 20, 2016. Languages may be added by Merck after this date.


Court interpreting resources:

Pain (in English):


  • Medical Interpreting resources from St. Catherine University: CATIE Center



Other languages:

Print media resources available:

  • The Cross Cultural Health Care Program has published glossaries in Ahmaric, Arabic, Bengali, and other languages
  • Berkana Language LLC has many terminology resources as well as study resources. Some topics covered are: business practices, fundamentals of translation, court interpreting (simultaneous, sight translation, municipal court), school settings, anatomy and physiology, and community interpreting. In my opinion, these materials are extremely well researched and practical.

Sources for translation practice:

  • California jury instructions for judges and attorneys
  • Puerto Rico Jury Instruction booklet
  • Class participants and colleagues have contributed many of the resources on this page and other related pages. However, any list of terminology resources is, by definition, incomplete! For further resources, please visit these websites of the American Translators Association:
  • ATA Medical Division Resources
  • ATA Divisions  – each language division may have a list of glossaries in your language. There are divisions in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nordic languages, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • CCHI (The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters)