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Discussion group for Oregon interpreters and translators regarding professional issues. This forum is free and open to all those who practice interpreting and translation in Oregon.

Why work with qualified and certified translators and interpreters?

OSTI submitted this document to our Oregon representatives in Washington, DC, in April 2014. Helen Eby is listed as a member of the editorial team.

ATA submitted this response to the Department of Homeland Security’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Language Access Plan on November 14, 2014. It was downloaded from the ATA site on February 15, 2017. Helen Eby is listed as one of the authors on page 42.

The Federal Government considers this important enough that it has a TIP Sheet to help a requester identify certified translators and interpreters.

Marjory Bancroft presented this comparative analysis of in person vs online trainings at the 2019 Critical Link conference. We share it here with her permission. CLI 2019 online training Abridged

Groups that represent interpreters and translators in Oregon

Having a job description is essential.

All pay rates are attached to well-defined job descriptions, besides having additional specializations, etc. Please refer to these role definitions for interpreters, translators, translator-transcribers, and terminologists, and send them to your clients. They have been endorsed by highly recognized professional associations. Helen Eby is listed as a member of the drafting and editorial team.

What kinds of services do interpreters and translators provide?

The Foreign Language Services Ordering Guide lists the different services the USG needs. The guide also includes a list of contracts the USG has accepted. This response to the Ordering Guide was drafted hoping improvements would be made as it is implemented at the federal or state levels.

The Federal Government has developed some TIP Sheets regarding work with interpreters. They are written for remote interpreting, but the principles in these sheets can be applied to other types of interactions.

Should interpreters, translators, and their professional associations engage in lobbying activities?