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Translation Services

Bilingual vs. Interpreter/Translator

According to the FBI, only 40% of those who have the necessary language proficiency skills pass their translation test! Translation and interpretation involve specialized skills beyond language proficiency. This series on bilingualism, by Eta Trabing, highlights the additional skills bilingual people need to be translators or interpreters.

The Art of Translation

A translation is more than taking words from one language and putting them into another one. Since each language exists in the context of a culture, my goal is that the reader of the translation understand the same message as the reader of the original text. In other words, the text shouldn’t sound like a translation.

My Process

My process is based on the ASTM standards for translation and interpreting.

One of my goals is to make your translation project as easy for you as possible. While your project will be handled in a way best suited to your unique situation, the following steps are a general guide to what you can expect when we start our work together.

  • When you call or email me, we will start our collaboration.
  • Together, we will evaluate your interpreting and translation needs using the worksheets I have developed based on ASTM Standards. Once they are completed, we will use these as a Work Order for your project.
  • Translations always involve working with a fully qualified colleague to do a full review of the translation. Interpreting always involves working with a partner for consecutive sessions of over two hours and simultaneous sessions of one hour.
  • You can either send me a Purchase Order or I can issue a contract with the details of price, deadlines and scope that we have agreed on, payable in 30 days net.
  • I always ask a trusted Mexican colleague to review my work, assuring that between her Mexican perspective and my Argentine perspective you will receive a quality product. I have worked with Gabriela Penrod for several years and we have an excellent working relationship.
  • Once I deliver the translation, I am available to make any minor changes at no charge for 30 days.

I am looking forward to learning more about your project!