Free resources from Gaucha Translations

These resources are provided for free download. Helen Eby, owner of Gaucha Translations, has created them starting early in the decade of 2010 and has a policy of sharing them at no cost. Please acknowledge the source when quoting this material.

Spanish writing

Principios de redacción:  a 508 accessible 85-page book on Spanish writing, available for free download. Published in January 2020.

Style Guide for translation into Spanish to guide clients as they review Spanish translations. It was first published on Feb 10, 2012, and was updated in 2020.

Worksheets on translation and interpretation based on ASTM Standards:

Worksheet for interpreting services 2014. Adheres to ASTM standards.

Translations process filled in Feb 2017. Helen Eby was ASTM Technical Contact for the ASTM Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation F2575-14, which this document is consistent with.

Guide for web page translation for clients.

Basic business practices

How to be an interpreter or translator and not go broke, based on presentations Helen gave on business practices at NAJIT, in Washington State and in Oregon.

Business Planning for Interpreters and Translators – 2021

The preceding document mentions a simplified approach to evaluating rates from a cost of doing business perspective. Click on the following link to download the spreadsheet. Helen Eby rate rationale

Advocacy documents

The Foreign Language Services Ordering Guide lists the different services the USG needs. The guide also includes a list of contracts the USG has accepted. This response to the Ordering Guide was drafted hoping improvements would be made as it is implemented at the federal or state levels.

Advocacy 101 for Interpreters and Translators is a guide to permissible advocacy activities for interpreters, translators, and their professional associations co-authored by Helen Eby.

Other sites

Helen Eby has collaborated to provide resources for the profession in these groups:

¡Al rescate del español! A blog dedicated to promoting quality Spanish writing in the United States.

Spanish Editors Association: Professional editors of Spanish texts for the United States

The Savvy Newcomer: ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting