About Helen Eby

Helen Eby grew up in Argentina, the land of the gauchos. She is a certified Spanish language translator. She co-founded The Savvy Newcomer and the ¡Al rescate del español! blogs, both of which are team efforts to provide resources for other language professionals.

Thanksgiving! Time for a short break

Helen, from Gaucha Translations, has been pretty active lately. We completed the first cycle of the Spanish Writing by Teleconference course successfully. Students commented that the material was beyond their expectations and that they only wished they had done more of the homework and taken more advantage of our one-on-one sessions, but life gets in the [...]

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Spanish writing, translation and interpreting classes

Spanish writing for fluent speakers of Spanish Starts on September 4, 2018 By teleconference This class focuses on the issues that help Spanish speakers write better text. We will study the structure of a piece of writing and a paragraph, analyze statements for effective communication, see how different words fit in the puzzle of a [...]

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Filling out forms with a client

Issues to consider when filling out forms a. Medical providers need the medical intake forms in a language they can  understand. Typically, medical interpreters have been involved in this process, b. Medical interpreters have a limited scope of practice. They are not expected to give medical advice (explain the meaning of medical terms, which can [...]

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New trainings. Spanish Writing and Translation for Certification

New classes On September 4 we start a Spanish writing training for fluent speakers of Spanish. ($530 to $675, see details at course link) In January, we start the 2019 Spanish translation course.  ($720 to $900, see details at course link) I send applicants a short evaluation before I accept them for the translation course. [...]

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My Argentine Heritage

Argentine gaucho on horseback. Argentina and the United States had similar independence processes. The United States kicked it off with the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773, and later formally declared its independence on July 4, 1776. Argentina started the process with a week-long series of community discussions the week of May [...]

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Celebrating my US heritage on the 4th of July

United States Declaration of Independence. Image from US Library of Congress My maiden name is Helen Slack. James Slack is a direct ancestor of my paternal grandfather. He helped George Washington cross the Delaware River and win the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Eve of 1776. He was the operator of the Johnson Ferry House, and [...]

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Serving our interpreter colleagues

My colleagues in the ATA Interpreting Division received the following email from the ATA office today. Why did Lorena and I step up? We have been involved in the Division and in other areas of interpreting for a number of years. We work together well. We thought it was time to work together to help [...]

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GDPR – I have been compliant for years

There is no need to write a Gaucha Translations privacy policy to comply with GDPR. I have ensured that my business practices have been compliant with Better Business Bureau standards, which meet GDPR standards, for a long time. I have never done the following things: Share my mailing lists. When I was offered a mailing [...]

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A translation provider, according to ASTM

The ASTM Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation, F2575-14, lists some key considerations when choosing a translation provider. They apply both to hiring a company and an individual translator. Responsibilities need to be assigned for each task. At Gaucha Translations, we have spelled it out in a Work Order. The client needs to be assured [...]

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Translating into Spanish for the United States

Translation is teamwork. In the United States, I am often asked if my translations will be understandable by people from different Spanish-speaking countries. I tell them my practice is that teams include people of different nationalities. Why? In the US Spanish-speaking community, speakers are familiar with a variety of registers and variants of the language. [...]

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