About Helen Eby

Helen Eby grew up in Argentina, the land of the gauchos. She is certified as an English Spanish translator by ATA and as a Spanish interpreter by the Oregon Judicial Department and by the Oregon Health Authority. She co-founded The Savvy Newcomer and the ¡Al rescate del español! blogs, both of which are team efforts to provide resources for other language professionals. She is also a founding board member of the Spanish Editors Association.

Continuing Credits for 2020 Translation Course!

Check it out. As the Early Bird for the 2020 Translation Course expires, the CE credits are being granted. The Oregon Courts granted 10 hours of Language Specific CE credits. The rest of the CE credits are being requested. Keep an eye on this page for updates! Who usually attends our trainings? Many court interpreters [...]

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What sets us apart from other translation courses?

What does a translator need to know? “Translators work with the written word, converting text from a source language into a target language. This is far more than replacing one word with another. The translator must also convey the style, tone and intent of the text, while taking into account differences of culture and dialect.” [...]

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Practice texts for translation

The following are examples of texts that clients often need to be translated: Manuals. Forms, service change notices, application materials. Medical, court, or other legal documents. Flyers, posters, signs, brochures. Marketing materials, advertising campaigns. However, this course leads to certification. Therefore, we need to prepare for something that will prepare participants to translate any and [...]

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Gaucha Thanksgiving update

This is an overview of things I care about. It covers government contracting, life, employment status, and how to prepare to have a professional profile. All of this is connected... Happy reading! Employment classification In California and New Jersey there is a lot of discussion about employment classification and its ramifications. This is a complex [...]

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Gaucha Translations translation course: 40 hours with a third-party exit exam

Why give a certificate? Over the years, people have attended our class for many reasons. In 2019, one student said she attended our class because a client needed proof that she had taken translation training. We did not expect this. Significantly more than 12% of our students pass the ATA certification exam. Most of those [...]

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Why work with a team of ATA Certified Spanish translators?

The English to Spanish and Spanish to English exams are rigorous. They have a 12% pass rate. They test accurate message transfer, grammar, syntax, spelling, in a balanced way. Helen Eby, owner of Gaucha Translations, has passed both exams and trains others to pass them. Her reviewers are also certified. Why work with a translator [...]

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A time for mourning and reflection

My mother in law, Hazel Eby, passed away on October 19. This week I am not at the ATA conference, as previously scheduled. I am home, in preparation for family gathering, going through her belongings to see what untold stories she left behind, how we understood each other in ways that I didn’t know. My [...]

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Spanish writing – free book

Principios de redacción del español In about 2009 I started to realize it was important to write a book about Spanish writing that was focused on the US. I started reading and collected a library of the good, the bad and the ugly. I discussed issues with colleagues of all stripes. I resisted writing it, [...]

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Spanish writing class starts September 12, 2019

The Spanish writing starts on September 12, 2019. Course description Registration form We had a successful cohort in 2018 and most of the participants continued with the translation course in January. Daniela Guanipa and I noticed that those who had taken the writing class were able to make quicker progress by focusing on translation issues [...]

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Translating official documents: international treaty language

Today the immigration situation leads to deportees having to create powers of attorney when they are already abroad. Unexpected situations come up once they are deported. Recently I translated a power of attorney for a Mexican deportee. It referenced the PROTOCOLO SOBRE UNIFORMIDAD DEL  RÉGIMEN LEGAL DE LOS PODERES, known in English as the  Protocol on [...]

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