Why Free Continuing Ed for Interpreters?

The pandemic year has affected interpreters profoundly. The ATA Interpreters Division surveyed the members in August 2020, and the results were clear. From March to May 2020, everyone saw a decline in their income. Over 75% of respondents said their income had decreased by at least 60% during those months.  Just under a third (28%) [...]

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Ode to Machine Translation! Or not…

We have been told that machine translation (MT) is the way of the future, and that it has improved significantly. However, Facebook is translating all my Spanish feeds into English for me, so I am getting a pretty good feel for what people have to suffer through. Here are two examples from a post I [...]

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Continuing Credits for 2020 Translation Course!

Updated December 27, 2019 Check it out. We have CE credits for the 2020 translation course! The Oregon Courts granted 10 hours of Language Specific CE credits. In Washington State, both the Courts and WA DSHS granted 44 hours. Keep an eye on this page for CE credits and course overview! Who usually attends our trainings? [...]

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