2021 was a year of changes.

David, my husband, retired in early January.

We sold our home in Oregon and moved to Auburn, SE of Seattle, Washington, in September. Instead of living alone (boring) we now live with our daughter and her family (lots more fun).

Heidi Schmaltz, one of my best friends, passed away.

I spent over 60 hours as a volunteer helping in Covid-19 vaccination clinics in Oregon. It was great to see the smiles on people’s faces as we worked together to support our community.

We got air purifiers for the different rooms in our home. That will sure help when smoke season hits! I later found out that they are also useful to filter out other airborne pollutants such as viruses.

I enjoyed translation and started to provide remote simultaneous interpreting services.

This year we learned what we value the most. In my case, it is friends and family. Spending time with them, whether by zoom, FaceTime, or in person (our favorite) was the highlight of my day.

2021 was exhausting, coming after a very challenging 2020. This year, I will do what I can while making sure I take time for my own well-being. There certainly is a temptation to make up for lost time with work, but I learned that wellness is critical. Swimming, going for walks, relaxing in other ways will be a priority for me in 2022 so I can do the things I commit to well.

I wish everyone a 2022 filled with wellness, taking time for each other and for ourselves. Others depend on us.