I have adjusted my rates for inflation every year for many years. The 2023 fee schedule was just published.

More and more jobs are being treated as freelance work over the last few years. Editing, translation and interpreting are just a few of them. Our work pays bills. As the New York Times put it on June 5, “Please Don’t Call My Job a Calling.

Interpreters in some states have been struggling to make ends meet because they have not had a fee increase in ten years or more. This is exactly why the Oregon Court Interpreters had to go to the legislature to get a raise about 10 years ago, and their fees have been indexed to inflation almost every year since then. They are encouraged to follow their heart regardless of the constant erosion of their finances. Though I love my work, and it benefits our community, professionals must be paid enough to be able to continue to do the work we love. The work I do pays bills, and my expenses increase along with inflation.

The link to my updated translation fees is at the bottom of this page: Translation Services in detail – Gaucha Translations

My interpreting fees are on this page: Interpreting Services – Gaucha Translations

I publish my fees so my clients can know what to expect when they contact me. It has led to strong relationships with my clients. Good clients want me to stay in business and continue to provide quality services. In turn, I serve them faithfully with careful, thoughtful work.