Spanish writing, translation and interpreting classes

Spanish writing for fluent speakers of Spanish Starts on September 4, 2018 By teleconference This class focuses on the issues that help Spanish speakers write better text. We will study the structure of a piece of writing and a paragraph, analyze statements for effective communication, see how different words fit in the puzzle of a [...]

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New trainings. Spanish Writing and Translation for Certification

New classes On September 4 we start a Spanish writing training for fluent speakers of Spanish. ($530 to $675, see details at course link) In January, we start the 2019 Spanish translation course.  ($720 to $900, see details at course link) I send applicants a short evaluation before I accept them for the translation course. [...]

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Translating into Spanish for the United States

Translation is teamwork. In the United States, I am often asked if my translations will be understandable by people from different Spanish-speaking countries. I tell them my practice is that teams include people of different nationalities. Why? In the US Spanish-speaking community, speakers are familiar with a variety of registers and variants of the language. [...]

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Evaluating a dictionary for translation

There is a new dictionary of colloquial Spanish in the United States published by the Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University: Diccionario de anglicismos del español estadounidense. What does it say about itself, and what is my response? The prologue states that the terms come from oral Spanish. I believe Facebook and Twitter could be viewed [...]

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Translation or Transcreation?

Whether we provide a translation or a transcreation, at Gaucha Translations we always keep the end users of the translation in mind. Will this document be useful to them? Will it be useful to the people they interact with? Will it cause misunderstandings along the way? I, Helen Eby always ask clients questions based on [...]

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The Federal Government on Translation and Interpreting

Certification is key to quality language access. It includes both interpreting and translation. Poor quality translations and interpreting events lead to serious risks. When patients leave a doctor’s office, if they don’t understand  the information they took home, they run serious risks. If a parent does not understand the Individualized Educational Plan for a student, [...]

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Word tricks: Setting up a document as a table

How to convert text into a table Select all text. Under “Insert” tab, go to “table”, and select “convert text to table.” Number of columns: 1 Check how it will separate things, and mark what is most convenient according to your text. In most cases, choose by paragraph. If your text is one long paragraph, [...]

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English Style Guides: I love CMOS

The following three style guides are listed as options in the ATA Certification Into-English Grading Standards. Here is my opinion regarding their usefulness for different applications. I have adopted the Chicago Manual of Style for the translation training course I teach. Why? The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law (I checked the 2016 [...]

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Language Access for Migrant Workers

At the American Translators Association Conference in Washington, DC, I attended a session on Interpreting and Translating for Farmers and Migrant Workers presented by Michelle Pinzl. This is the target audience of some of my translations, and knowing who we translate for helps us write in a way that our text is understood. When I [...]

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