Though Zoom has a default list of languages in the interpreting feature, you may need others at your meeting.

  • On the Zoom profile page, click on settings. Make sure you are in the MEETING settings. Meeting should be highlighted in the tabs that go across the top.
  • In the menu on the left, click on In Meeting (Advanced)
  • Find Language Interpretation.
    • Shortcut: In your profile settings page, do a search for Interpretation. You will see a plus sign next to the number of languages listed. Click on the plus sign.
  • A dialog box titled “Add Language” will appear on the screen. Type the name of the language, then hit enter, and click on Add.
  • The new language will be added to your list. The languages marked with an x are the ones you added, and they are the only ones you can delete.
  • The Ethnologue provides spellings of many languages.

The following video may also be helpful: