After the January to May 2020 Translation Course, we asked our students to fill out a course evaluation. The results were impressive! On most questions, we got almost a full five stars.

Three questions had a full five stars from everyone:

  • The instructors were knowledgeable.
  • The instructors demonstrated excitement and enthusiasm.
  • The homework was useful.

The most useful lessons, according to our students, were in the practical aspects of translation. Some students mentioned learning to use a style guide, how to approach the whole process, how to work as a team and learn from others, and how to assess their own work. Others highlighted how to look at things: learning “to adapt to the assignment and client at hand,” “to try to translate in such a manner that a native speaker […] would not have to second guess,” and “looking for more possible ways to translate something.” A highlight for one student was that “the topics to translate were of different themes, such as politics, science, physics and that got me out of my comfort zone. Definitely a necessary challenge for me.”

Our students also agreed that the class would help with their careers. Some looked forward to ATA certification, while others lauded the improved skill they already had in their workplace. One student said this: “This class, even if I do not pass the exam, has helped me with the translations at work. I am faster and more accurate on my translation and interpreting .  It has aided me a lot in my current job.” Another said this: “It helped me pass the certification exam (twice!) at a time when it was a very helpful thing for me to do.”

We are excited to offer this class again this school year, and we look forward to helping many more students to come!

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