Medical Terminology: Problem Solving through Parallel Texts

I am giving this presentation at the American Translation Association Conference. You can find it under the MED-3 listing in the app. How can we identify not only the right expression but also the right way to talk about the subject? And how cann weeunderstand enough about the new material to submit reasonable solutions? In [...]

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Reading: the foundation of good writing

What is the value of translation? It bridges a cultural gap. It helps us share values between groups. The following poem may illustrate this. It is a poem I grew up with in Argentina. Bécquer lived in Seville from 1836 to 1970 and is a favorite in the Spanish-speaking world. It was required reading in [...]

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My iPad Translation Apps – Efficiency on the Road

I have an iPad ProPlus. I started using these apps on my iPhone as an interpreter, but was dissatisfied with the readability and upgraded the screen size one level at a time. Many of these apps are at least as up to date as my paper dictionaries. They are faster and more reliable than doing [...]

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