How to start freelancing

These links are mostly from conversations in the Editorial Freelancers Association. Happy surfing! On the Basics: Tips for Getting Started in Editing or Freelancing On the Basics: So You Want to be a Freelancer On the Basics: So you Want to be an Editor (or Proofreader) EditTools: Duplicate References – A Preview When Is the Right Time [...]

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Medical Certification: Renewed

Today I got my certificate from the OHA. My medical interpreting certification in Oregon has been renewed! HEby_CertLtr_May 2017 What is required for that today? The list is here. Six hours of health care interpreting ethics. Six hours of interpreting skills Twelve hours of topics approved by a variety of organizations. A background check! New [...]

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Why publish quality educational materials in Spanish?

Spanish is the second most common language in the United States According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), in 2013 Spanish was the predominant language spoken by both immigrant and U.S.-born Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. 37,459,000 people speak Spanish in the United States. 16,482,000 are limited English proficient. Hispanic dropout rate: Double the white [...]

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Measuring Language Proficiency

What can be truly measured? I believe that listing the units by which something is measured is essential. In language proficiency testing, there are many scales being used. Level 1 can mean many different things. I will use units of length as an analogy. MIT students got this right when they measured in smoots. In [...]

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