Gaucha Translations is a language services company founded and owned by me, Helen Eby. I am certified as a translator by the American Translators Association in Spanish to English, by Washington State DSHS from English to Spanish, and as an interpreter (Oregon Court and Oregon Medical). Through my company, I set up teams to work on projects such as Science News for Students and my colleagues are generally certified translators with over five years of experience.

  1. I am an advocate for professionalism and have coauthored definitions of translators.
  2. I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the American Medical Writers Association,and keep up to date with copy editing best practices. I am part of a blog team focused on Spanish writing for the US (
  3. Every translation is done by a highly-qualified translator (often, certified) and reviewed by an equally qualified translator for quality improvement.
  4. The client is part of the conversation regarding style guides and some translation decisions.
  5. I work with clients regarding deadlines to ensure that they are realistic, set our team up for success and quality work, and meet the clients’ needs.
  6. I also check the website or other media where the documents are published to suggest overall improvements, so the context of the site is appropriate for the documents.
  7. I have been involved in the ASTM Translations Standard drafting committee, and my work order for translation services is inspired in the ASTM Translation Standard. This is a link to an RTF version.
  8. My rate sheet is available for review.