Yesterday, Oregon Court Interpreters received a proposal for updated payment protocols. There were important changes, which I marked in my copy of the PDF and included in the comments.

Court interpreters met to discuss this document and we made some suggestions.

FINAL DRAFT Revised Interpreter Payment Protocols 2021 reviewed by interpreters

Among other things, we request that OJD adopt a progressive disciplinary process similar to the one followed in Washington State. Several states have processes of this type.

We requested that reassignments be within the same county or remote, to avoid adding travel time to the interpreter’s schedule.

OJD CLAS will likely do a unilateral review of our comments, without freelance interpreters at the table. That is why I am publishing our comments. One of our main concerns is that interpreters should have been at the table several months ago, when this document was drafted.

Helen Eby, Oregon Certified Court Interpreter, Spanish.