As a partner in language access, Gaucha Translations has seen how the community is stretched in all directions. The lack of parking fees are stretching budgets for cities, the lack of ability to provide routine medical services is stretching the budgets of medical providers.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Gaucha Translations is providing discounts on all services:

  • 20% discount on per word and hourly rates.
  • Minimum fee discount of $35 dollars, resulting in an actual minimum of $50 during the COVID-19 emergency.

These discounts will remain in effect until the West Coast states are no longer in a state of emergency.

Gaucha Translations will invoice at regular rates, but will also list the COVID-19 discounts on every invoice during this time of solidarity.

During this time, Gaucha Translations also wants clients to be reminded that cyber security has always been a top concern. Online meetings and potential interpreting sessions will be held on a GoTo Meeting platform, which is HIPAA compliant. Documents are shared through Sharefile, a Citrix product that is also HIPAA compliant.

We are in this together. Together, we serve the community.