Business skills interpreters need

Interpreters need business skills to manage their client base and so they can also be marketable as administrative staff in a language company. Here is a tentative list of computer-based skills interpreters should acquire: How to invoice – Word has an invoicing template! How to follow instructions on a company’s invoicing practices. How to track [...]

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How to make a great first impression at an appointment

The first things the provider notices are your timeliness and your appearance. Arrival time: Check in with the provider on time, but… Never check in early to any appointment. Go elsewhere until 10 min. before the appointment and then check in. Hospitals/clinics do not want to pay for checked in time earlier than 10 min. [...]

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How dual-role employees can keep track of their time

Several of my students are dual-role employees. They have told me that interpreting sneaks up on them, and we have discussed how to work this out. I created this spreadsheet to help them with this challenge, per their request. Well, I did offer to do it… Interpreting log for dual-role employees I suggested that they [...]

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