I just got a letter:

Re: Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification
Certification No.: 11670

Why did I file for this? I certainly procrastinated for many years, because most of the interpreters I know are women, so it seemed redundant. Then I realized that I was running at a disadvantage if I didn’t file. I went to a free Metro workshop and Mazarine Treyz, the speaker, convinced me to do it. Thanks, Mazarine!

Government agencies check for this certification. They don’t only check whether a woman owns the business. They also verify that I am a reliable provider and have been in business providing this service for some time. They are not interested in certifying the here today, gone tomorrow folks!

I am still a solopreneur, a single person running my business and doing the work. There are plenty of businesses of this type. When you hire Gaucha Translatiions to do a project, Helen Eby will be either translating or reviewing, based on other commitments, but very often translating. If you hire Gaucha Translations to do interpreting, Helen Eby will be doing the interpreting unless  we are a team at the booth. I am not responsible for the work others do without my participation.

New year, new certification. I can add this to my professional certifications as an ATA-certified translator, English<>Spanish, an Oregon Certified Court Interpreter, and a Certified Medical Interpreter.

I expect this to enable me to serve my clients better. Businesses like those who serve them to take themselves seriously.