I am back! After dealing with a series of health issues and family commitments, I am able to interpret again. I am in the process of renewing my Oregon Court Interpreting certification. As I get back to interpreting, I remember how much I like it.


I am now certified by ATA in both English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation. Many ask me which my main language is. I say both. Now I can back that answer up!


I am co-teaching with Daniela Guanipa. Having someone else to discuss matters with adds so much to the course! Our first iteration of Spanish Writing Training by Teleconference this fall was very successful.

We start the English <> Spanish Translation Certification by Teleconference class on January 10. There are a few spots available, but there is an admissions test, so early registration is important. This class requires attendance to online teleconference sessions and homework completion. Both Washington and Oregon have granted 10 CE credits for court interpreters.


I have a new grandson! Jonathan Peregrin Sleight was born to Nathanael and Cynthia (our daughter) on June 3. We see them as often as possible. Watching our daughter grow into her role as a mother has been one of the best things of the year. Of course, our home was a hub of visits. My mother came from Argentina, Daniel (our son) and Brenda came from the East Coast… it was wonderful! We also spent some time at Daniel’s home helping him and Brenda move into their new home. A year for the family.

Professional life

In the American Translators Association, I am now the Administrator of the Interpreters Division. Lorena Ortiz Schneider is my Assistant, and we have a fantastic Leadership Council. We started in late October, and we are excited about our plans.

We founded the Spanish Editors Association, and I am the President. We are reaching out to other stakeholders and are being very well received. We are receiving strong indications of support from our sister editing associations in the Spanish-speaking world, the US and Canada. We will do our best to be at their conferences and get to know each other.

Of course, I continue to be involved in the ATA Savvy Newcomer blog. Because of my other responsibilities, I am taking a less prominent role but I am still very much a part of it.

Mercedes Guhl and I took a short break in our work on the ¡Al rescate del español! blog, but we are going to be back in 2019. During 2018 I did further research on Spanish writing, which will be reflected in Rescate blog posts. Stay tuned.

I look forward to 2019, looking back on an excellent 2018!