Helen, from Gaucha Translations, has been pretty active lately.

We completed the first cycle of the Spanish Writing by Teleconference course successfully. Students commented that the material was beyond their expectations and that they only wished they had done more of the homework and taken more advantage of our one-on-one sessions, but life gets in the way when we work with adults. In any event, everyone learned and improved their writing skills in Spanish.

Helen attended a variety of conferences:

  • A local conference for translators and interpreters in Portland, OR: Oregon Healthcare Interpreters Association, where she presented.
  • A local conference for the allied professions in Portland, OR: Oregon Medical Association
  • A national conference for interpreters and translators in New Orleans: American Translators and Interpreters, where she presented and was introduced as the new Administrator of the Interpreters Division
  • A national conference for medical writers in Washington, DC: Americal Writers Association

Now it is time for a break. During breaks, we connect the dots, relax, and come back energized to do better work. See you after December 2!