Language proficiency testing

Gaucha Translations strives to make testing convenient for interpreters who need to provide proof of language proficiency to the Oregon Health Authority. For this purpose, we have a contract with Language Testing International (LTI) to provide language proficiency testing. (See this post about the benefits and details of language proficiency testing with LTI. The post also gives instructions for others to set up an account to provide testing.)

In order to schedule an oral proficiency interview, Gaucha will need the following information from interpreters who contact us:

  1. The interpreter’s home town.
  2. Four time blocks of three hours each during the business day on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoons during which they are available. Keep in mind that the test is a thirty-minute phone call during one of those time blocks. The interpreter should be at the test site fifteen minutes early.
  3. If the interpreter is unable to come to Gaucha Translations’s office in Aloha, they may find another reliable person to proctor the exam. This person must be someone an outsider would expect to be reliable, such as a pastor, librarian, or supervisor. The interpreter must then give Gaucha the contact details for their proctor and the four time blocks of three hours each which should have been arranged with the proctor’s approval. Gaucha will confirm this.

To schedule a test, send an email with the information above to gaucha @ gauchatranslations . com (Spaces added to reduce spam.)

  • After we receive the information above, we will check our schedule to see if it lines up with the interpreter’s.
  • Payment of amount due, per table below. When we are certain that our schedules align, we will send you an invoice.
  • We will schedule the test with LTI upon receiving payment.
  • When Gaucha has confirmed the time with LTI, we will confirm the appointment with the interpreter, and the proctor if applicable.
  • This will be a 30 minute appointment. The interpreter should arrive 15 minutes early to avoid the risk of a no-show.

On the test day, the proctor will simply set the interpreter at ease, verify the interpreter’s identity with official photo ID, and dial the number given by LTI per their instructions. The interpreter will spend the next thirty minutes having a conversation with the tester over the phone.

Upon receiving the test results, Gaucha Translations will send the results to the interpreter. LTI generally returns results within one week, although this may vary. Gaucha is not responsible for the test results, which are judged entirely by LTI. Gaucha only facilitates the process.

Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) (telephonic) $130 $20 $150 30 minutes, telephonic conversation with tester
One OPI included in combined cost of skills and medical terminology modules for medical interpreting training – modular
Writing Proficiency Test $70 $20 $90 90 minutes, computerized

Please note that all fees must be paid before a test is scheduled and all fees are non-refundable.

Gaucha Translations also encourages all those who work in language access and do any writing as part of their work to take the Writing Proficiency Test in their non-English language so they can be aware of their true skills. This test is not required by the Oregon Health Authority. See this page for a demo of the writing proficiency test.

Gaucha Translations works with Language Testing International because they are the exclusive licensees of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and have been providing this service for a number of years. Their raters have all been tested and have passed the language proficiency tests with the highest scores, and go through training for six months. In addition, they are quality checked, the certified tests are evaluated by two raters, and all raters renew their rater credentials every four years besides having ongoing training.

To schedule a test, email us at gaucha @ gauchatranslations . com with the information in points 1 and 2 (and 3 if applicable) above and we will do our best to help you. (Spaces added in the email address to reduce spam.)