VRI is a growing segment of the interpreting practice. Here are a couple of articles to help you evaluate whether this will work for you.

On Friday, February 7, the Cross Cultural Communications e-newsletter included some interesting statements about VRI. Please see a video from Marjory Bancroft with a message about VRI here.

Here are some quotes from the article:
On the whole, repeated psychological self-assessment by interpreters during the experiment indicated that they found working under remote conditions more stressful, although these results did not reach statistical significance.
Regarding fatigue, which leads to errors:
When comparing the effects of fatigue on performance for the same interpreters working either live or in a remote condition we find significant differences (t = 2.77, two-tailed, p < 0.05). The same interpreter will be less tired, hence work at a higher level of quality, in live conference conditions as opposed to remote conditions. The onset of decline in performance is reached between 15 and 18 minutes for VRI and around 30 minutes for live interpreting. Read more…