Who is Helen Eby, at Gaucha Translations?

I am a translator and an interpreter. I cover a lot of territory, but I have background in a lot of areas. These are my specialties.


I am a member of the ¡Al rescate del español! , a team writing a blog on how to improve Spanish writing. I grew up in Argentina, where I became an English and Spanish teacher. I am a Spanish translator and interpreter:

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Because of my experience with education at a high level in both Spanish and English, I am comfortable with the technical details of science and the humanities in both languages.

  • Medical and Science
    • Medical student at the University of Buenos Aires, covering Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology
    • I have translated most of the Spanish text for the Tuality Hospital website
    • I have translated lab instructions for production into Spanish. These translations are covered by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).
  • Business
    • Studied at the Instituto Argentino de Secretarias Ejecutivas in Buenos Aires where I learned intricacies about the business side of working in an office. We were introduced to the basics of accounting, legal issues, and other topics. In my translation work I find that I understand these concepts very well because of this training.
    • Experience as an Administrative Assistant for Cormick, a business that imported equipment for the railroad industry in Argentina, preparing bids for submission. When bids came in late in the afternoon, I always was able to meet the deadlines for submission the next morning. Meeting deadlines was very important. Now I understand why businesses have last-minute translation needs, and am very willing to help with them.
    • Translation experience: I often translate contracts and business documents for attorneys and other clients from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English. These translations are covered by NDAs.
  • Nautical
    • I sailed on sailboats from the time I was eight years old. I also assisted the Purser and the Captain of the MV Logos in the preparation of documents for customs and immigration in the ports of all Spanish speaking countries of Latin America except for Honduras, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico. This experience launched me on the road toward becoming a professional translator.
    • In Argentina, as a sailor, I earned the timonel de yate a vela certificate from the Prefectura Naval Argentina de San Isidro. In Boston, I earned the helmsman certificate from Community Boating, Inc.
    • Translation experience: I have been able to apply this experience in translations of bids for port remodeling from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English. Again, those are covered by NDAs.
  • Education specialty
    • Home-school teacher of high school college prep courses in biology, chemistry, physics, pre-calculus, history, government, and literature. I have taught individual students and group lessons. My children were National Merit Finalists and received very high scores on College Board math and science subject tests.
    • Adjunct professor of Spanish at Gordon College, Wenham, MA.
    • Graduated as a primary education teacher (grades 1-7) of English and Spanish from the Escuela Normal de Maestras en Lenguas Vivas “John F. Kennedy”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Translation experience: My understanding of science is being applied to the translation of materials of a local museum into Spanish. I have participated in the translation for a middle school science textbook.