Word tricks: Setting up a document as a table

How to convert text into a table Select all text. Under “Insert” tab, go to “table”, and select “convert text to table.” Number of columns: 1 Check how it will separate things, and mark what is most convenient according to your text. In most cases, choose by paragraph. If your text is one long paragraph, [...]

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Translating a Song – Art and Science

There is more than one type of translation: Setting words to music Converting a message from one language to another In both cases, a translation must be accurate. Otherwise, it is a summary or a paraphrase. My voice teacher has frequently seen me dismiss the translations of the Spanish songs in her books! I just [...]

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English Style Guides: I love CMOS

The following three style guides are listed as options in the ATA Certification Into-English Grading Standards. Here is my opinion regarding their usefulness for different applications. I have adopted the Chicago Manual of Style for the translation training course I teach. Why? The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law (I checked the 2016 [...]

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Medical Terminology: Problem Solving through Parallel Texts

I am giving this presentation at the American Translation Association Conference. You can find it under the MED-3 listing in the app. How can we identify not only the right expression but also the right way to talk about the subject? And how cann weeunderstand enough about the new material to submit reasonable solutions? In [...]

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Reading: the foundation of good writing

What is the value of translation? It bridges a cultural gap. It helps us share values between groups. The following poem may illustrate this. It is a poem I grew up with in Argentina. Bécquer lived in Seville from 1836 to 1970 and is a favorite in the Spanish-speaking world. It was required reading in [...]

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Why publish quality educational materials in Spanish?

Spanish is the second most common language in the United States According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), in 2013 Spanish was the predominant language spoken by both immigrant and U.S.-born Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. 37,459,000 people speak Spanish in the United States. 16,482,000 are limited English proficient. Hispanic dropout rate: Double the white [...]

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