Why I support Geoff Koby’s signature drive

Geoff Koby ATA  released a mission statement in the May 15, 2019 issue of Newsbriefs: ATA’s mission is to promote the recognition of professional translators and interpreters, to facilitate communication among its members, to establish standards of competence and ethics, to provide its members with professional development opportunities, and to advocate on behalf [...]

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Why publish quality educational materials in Spanish?

Spanish is the second most common language in the United States According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), in 2013 Spanish was the predominant language spoken by both immigrant and U.S.-born Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. 37,459,000 people speak Spanish in the United States. 16,482,000 are limited English proficient. Hispanic dropout rate: Double the white [...]

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State of Interpreting and Translation in Oregon

On Sunday, February 19, I was able to deliver a report to Senator Wyden at his Town Hall meeting in Eugene, Oregon. This is the one-pager I wrote about the situation in Oregon. Oregon and National Needs in Interpreting and Translation I also gave him the following documents to look over. I hope he reads [...]

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Travels with Helen

Today’s post is guest written by my husband, David. He has watched me in action over the years, and this is the story of some things he has learned. In 25 years of marriage to Helen, I’ve learned a lot about my unconscious biases. I was raised on an entirely family-run farm in Oregon. When my [...]

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The story of an immigrant interpreter

In our January 2015 class in Woodburn, Oregon, one of the students had an unusual background. This is the story of a professional Mexican nurse who came to the United States to take care of the health of her child in 1989. We had questions. What training do Mexican nurses receive? How did she navigate [...]

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