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Geoff Koby

ATA  released a mission statement in the May 15, 2019 issue of Newsbriefs:

ATA’s mission is to promote the recognition of professional translators and interpreters, to facilitate communication among its members, to establish standards of competence and ethics, to provide its members with professional development opportunities, and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

Newsbriefs also provides a list of the current list of candidates for the upcoming ATA election, along with the process for nominating alternate candidates. The deadline for submitting 60 signatures for alternate candidates is May 29. There is only one candidate for President-Elect. I support Geoff Koby’s interest in becoming a candidate so members can have a choice between two options.

I have worked with Geoff since at least 2013, and I have seen him embody this mission statement.

  • As Chair of the Certification Committee, he contributed to establishing standards of competence and ethics.
  • He has presented at ATA, providing us with professional development opportunities.
  • At ASTM translation standard discussions, he constantly advocates on behalf of the profession.
  • Geoff communicates well, and has been able to find common ground with those who had strong disagreement with him in ASTM. He can facilitate communication among ATA members. He is currently a member of the ATA Board, where members have to work issues out together and find common ground on most issues.

Because of this, I support him and invite others to submit their signatures for Geoff to become a candidate for President-Elect of ATA in the next ATA elections.

Besides, I have seen his steadfast perseverance showing up at ASTM meetings, his insightful answers to issues that had to be worked out, his ability to listen instead of dominating the discussion or setting the agenda at every turn, his ability to reach consensus without compromising his principles or diminishing the person on the other side of the issue. These are all excellent qualities in a leader.


If you are a voting ATA member, please submit the following petition to ATA before May 29.

Koby petition 519 (pdf version)

Koby petition 519 (word doc)


Helen Eby