We are moving from Oregon to Washington to be with our  children and grandchildren.

I will continue to provide translation services for my Oregon clients, and I will help them find an interpreter in the rosters of certified interpreters. I am also a WA state court interpreter, and will be able to provide interpreting services in Washington state.

Certified Healthcare Interpreters can be found on the OHA Healthcare Interpreter Registry.

This is the link for the Oregon Certified and Registered Court Interpreter Roster.

Please review the Spoken Language Interpreter Job Description when choosing an interpreter.

My work order for translation can help you prepare for working with a translator. To find a translator, go to the American Translators Association, where you can search by location, by work, by language, and by certification in the “Translator Search” and “Interpreter Search” buttons.

My work order for interpreting services is for working with interpreters (providing oral translation).

I look forward to living and working in Washington State as of September 2021.