I am writing a book about Spanish writing. Why?

As a translator, I write every day. We can’t translate anything we can’t express in writing.

However, writing matters after we are done translating. We also write emails to our clients, Facebook posts, tweets, comments about the issues we find in the work we are doing, among other things. These all put our language skills on display for all to see.

My mother-in-law once picked up the brochure for an Eastern medicine practitioner. She dismissed him based on the typos in the brochure. If what she could see was not done carefully, what about what she couldn’t see? Clients treat our emails to them the same way. When we write or translate anything for public use, our readers will view the material this way. How will that affect whoever requested that written product?

Writing matters. Because of this, I have been researching Spanish writing issues since 2010. I am in the final stages of editing a book, which I will make available in the fall. To see some examples of the type of material that will be included, please visit www.rescatedelesp.com.