Measuring Language Proficiency

What can be truly measured? I believe that listing the units by which something is measured is essential. In language proficiency testing, there are many scales being used. Level 1 can mean many different things. I will use units of length as an analogy. MIT students got this right when they measured in smoots. In [...]

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Recommended language proficiency guidelines for employees

Bilingual employees often use the foreign language at work. The ACTFL scale gives language proficiency guidelines for different skills, and there are tests for each skill. How does each skill apply to the work duties performed at the office? The following skill descriptions are taken from the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012. The levels that are [...]

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Interpreting Certification Compared (Spoken Language)

Interpreting Certification Compared (Spoken Language) Spoken Language Interpreting Certification in the United States: a comparison Competency-based assessments are the foundation of credentialing in many professions, one of which is interpreting. According to the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, an assessment instrument is any one of several standardized methods for determining if candidates possess the necessary [...]

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ASTM Interpreting and Translation Standards

This presentation was prepared for two school Districts in Oregon. Recently, some Oregon school districts have made the news because they have had multiple Title VI complaints. The  language access principles presented here should help school districts implement policies that enable them to use their funds effectively and avoid these problems. Schools base their language [...]

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Language proficiency tests available

When an interpreter wonders what is holding them back from making progress, it can be useful to analyze the language proficiency skills in detail. Gaucha Translations proctors tests for spoken languages on the ACTFL scale by Language Testing International so interpreters and translators can analyze their strengths and weaknesses and determine how to make progress [...]

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Language Proficiency self evaluation

These tools give you a way to self-evaluate your language proficiency. This link, from the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, has the option to click on different languages on the left, and on the different skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) on the top. As you see the samples matched with the description for each level, you [...]

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Memory tricks!

For interpreters, improving our memory is important! We have to remember what we hear so we can interpret it. This blog post mentions quite a few important topics: A good night’s sleep Exercise Spending time with friends Having fun Not stressing out too much Eating the right things (wine, but not too much!) Brain workouts [...]

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