This is an overview of things I care about. It covers government contracting, life, employment status, and how to prepare to have a professional profile. All of this is connected… Happy reading!

Employment classification

In California and New Jersey there is a lot of discussion about employment classification and its ramifications. This is a complex discussion. Who can help with these issues in Oregon?

My schedule is changing. I spent a large portion of my time caring for my mother-in-law over the last 15 years or more, and she passed away in October. I will miss her, but it gives me a fresh look at my schedule. As a result, these are some updates…

I submitted a proposal to the government!

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) approved my submission for a price agreement with the state. Now I have to negotiate with all their contracting officers, but I have a better idea of what DAS is looking for. I know what qualifications they accept and what kind of documents they intend to translate in the state of Oregon. My course will now help people prepare to meet those standards, not only to pass the ATA exam. Of course, the ATA certification credential is the top credential listed by DAS…

Training changes

40 hours. It was unofficially right about 40 hours, by the time we added on the optional Saturday sessions. I noticed that DAS values 40-hour trainings, so now my training is 40 hours long and it includes a third-party exit exam listed on their approved credential list. Check it out!

New texts. We will be using a completely new set of texts. We want to cite sources every time, so people can learn how to search for their own practice texts. This will make our students even better prepared to pass the exam when they take some extra time to prepare for the exam after the course, which they sometimes do.

There is an early-bird discount for those who register for the translation class by December 5. We will not extend the discount.

How does this help my clients?

All this focus on training translators to pass the ATA certification exam has made me a better translator. I love the questions I get every year. Reviewing my students’ work and evaluating it every time just makes my co-instructor, Daniela Guanipa, and myself sharper. Discussing translation issues with Daniela makes us both better at our work. Preparing materials to support this very sharp group of professionals keeps us on our toes. There is immense value in this for my translation clients. It even makes me a better interpreter! Why work with a team of ATA Certified Spanish translators? Well… you won’t get anything else when you work with Gaucha.

I love my work as a translator and an interpreter! I look forward to setting up some interpreting training sessions in 2020. You will hear about those soon.

For now, time to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. I have an adorable daughter, son-in-law and grandson to spend the weekend with. My husband is fantastic. Supporting my colleagues with training is incredibly rewarding. I love my work.

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This is the link for my translation services work order.