The English to Spanish and Spanish to English exams are rigorous. They have a 12% pass rate. They test accurate message transfer, grammar, syntax, spelling, in a balanced way. Helen Eby, owner of Gaucha Translations, has passed both exams and trains others to pass them. Her reviewers are also certified.

Why work with a translator who participates in the community?

As a translator and Spanish editor, Helen Eby is a member of a broad spectrum of associations. She is a member of editing and translation associations and business groups. This allows her to be in touch with the concerns of her clients and with the latest developments of her profession.

Why work with someone who is not only a translator but also a certified and practicing interpreter?

Language is both oral and written. By working professionally in both areas, in oral and written communication, Helen Eby and her colleagues are constantly in touch with the ways the people for whom we translate Spanish documents communicate, with what requires clarification and what does not.

Why work with a translator with a wide breadth of experience instead of a narrow specialist?

At Gaucha Translations we have translated technical manuals for engineering, bids for international business, human resources handbooks, medical instructions, community relations materials, radio ads, museum displays, and much more. We find that the documents we translate often have a bit of science, a bit of legal terminology, a bit of educational material, and our experience as secretaries, school teachers, attorneys, medical school students and employees of a skin care and vitamin company help us in our work every day.

Secretary? Attorney?

Yes. Back when Helen Eby was a secretary, working with a manual typewriter, anything with more than two mistakes had to be redone even if it had been corrected with the tools available. ATA allows 17 error points. The old secretary standard may be higher than that!

Gabriela Penrod, Helen’s main reviewer, started as an attorney in Mexico. Attorneys have to be extremely careful and deliberate in their use of language!

At Gaucha Translations, we are careful with our work. We always have a second person review what we do, because it is much better for us to discover we are human than for one of our readers to tweet about it. That is how we improve every day. When our clients comment on our work, we take them seriously and have engaging discussions, taking their concerns into account.

At Gaucha Translations, ATA Certified translators produce translations that meet the needs of the readers. We ask our clients questions. We set deadlines in partnership with our clients, and that is how we always deliver on time.Please read about our translation work in more depth.