Spanish writing for fluent speakers of Spanish

Starts on September 4, 2018

By teleconference

This class focuses on the issues that help Spanish speakers write better text. We will study the structure of a piece of writing and a paragraph, analyze statements for effective communication, see how different words fit in the puzzle of a written piece, and other topics.

This class does not intend to cover topics such as verb conjugation and spelling overtly, but we will deal with issues as they are relevant to the class. Participants are expected to attend an online class discussion of an hour and a half every week and have a twenty-minute weekly private session with the instructors. This combination of group and individual support, plus an intensive review of participants’ work, has led to success in previous Gaucha Translations classes.

Schedule, syllabus, and cost are detailed at the writing training page.

Preparation to pass an English <> Spanish translation certification exam

Starts in January 2019

By teleconference

In this course, participants will translate a text almost every week, and review the same text translated by a colleague in the class. By participating in both translation and review, attendees develop a more critical eye to evaluate their own work.

This class works on translation in both directions, English to Spanish and Spanish to English, because by going both directions participants develop a deeper understanding of their source language as well. We usually have a good mix of people who are strong in both languages, which leads to lively discussions about the true meaning of certain turns of phrase.

In addition to the weekly translations, the instructors present topics that are relevant to translation practice every week.

This course has been taught for three years, and most of those who have taken the Spanish ATA certification exam after taking the class have passed the exam. The average pass rate for the Spanish exams, in both directions, is approximately 12%.

Schedule, syllabus, and cost are detailed at the translation certification training page.

Healthcare Interpreter Training (Spanish)

To be scheduled

In the past, graduates of Gaucha Translations interpreting training programs have been successful when taking medical interpreting exams. Some have also said this training helped them prepare for their court interpreting certification exams.


Participants will compare several codes of ethics applicable to interpreters in the Northwest. By looking at several codes, they will find the value that the ethics of other areas of interpreting adds to the field in which they work the most. Gaucha Translations courses have always covered ethics from a comparative point of view, and graduates report that being familiar with several codes of ethics helps them navigate a broader spectrum of settings.

The course will also cover how interpreter ethics codes align with the other guidelines applied in the field, such as HIPAA, Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, CLAS standards. and the Affordable Care Act.

Business practices will be covered under ethics because both areas are closely related.

Medical terminology

In this module, participants will do guided research using different methods, with resources provided by the instructor. After researching a topic, they will practice interpreting on that subject with a text provided by the instructor. Since interpreting is part of this module, it will be taught in person.

Interpreting skills

Using materials developed by Holly Mikkelson, we will focus on all three modes of interpreting (sight translation as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting). Though not all three modes are tested equally in the medical certification exams, interpreters need all three skills as professionals in different situations.

Translation principles will be covered in the medical terminology and the sight translation modules at different times.

The details of this program are listed on the course page.

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