Now that things are in flux because of COVID-19, my husband and I are talking a lot. He asked me what is at the core of what drives me, my passion.

Developing quality language access partners.

I love translating… and seeing that the organizations I translate for are really connecting with the community.

I love interpreting… and seeing that the organizations I interpret for are able to get people to the meetings, so meetings can be successful.

I love providing quality Spanish editing services, where the language reflects the respect and attention the organization paid to the community at every level. Paying careful attention to the mechanics of Spanish, to the capitalization, the use of pronouns, prepositions, tenses, reflects on the professionalism of the organization, on their passion for treating the non-English speakers with respect. People get that. It is noticed. And it makes the text so much easier to read!

I know I can’t be the only one. I love getting others ready to do this work. That is why I train interpreters and translators to get certified, to stand tall and can take their place as proud professionals. I partner with professionals who work in other languages to support this effort in languages other than Spanish as well.

And I am about to start a foundations of interpreting class. Stay tuned. The details are getting unveiled a step at a time, based on the parameters we have to work with today.  This will happen in the context of the Governor’s plan for opening up Oregon. I’m working on it.