Helen Eby is an Oregon Certified Court Interpreter (Spanish) and is listed as a Certified Spanish Interpreter on the Oregon Health Care Interpreter Registry and is certified by the American Translators Association as a translator from and into English and Spanish. Helen Eby has been working in translation and interpreting since 1984. She has been participating actively in the American Translators Association in different roles for quite a few years, helping with the Spanish Division, the Business Practices Education Committee, and the Interpreting Division of which she is the current Administrator.

She has been providing OHA-approved interpreting training since 2014, when there were approximately 40 interpreters on the OHA registry. Though her training has often been language neutral, she has always focused on checking the accuracy of the interpreting that students were doing in Spanish, her language. Therefore, she often preferred Spanish-specific courses and she adjusted the materials to the questions and the needs of the students. This course is based on the work done with her students and the research she has continued to do since then.

Felicity Ratway holds a Master’s degree in Interpreting and Translation Studies and has been working as an interpreter in Oregon since 2015. She is a Certified Medical Interpreter through NBCMI and is listed as a Certified Spanish Interpreter on the Oregon Health Care Interpreter Registry. In addition to her work as an interpreter, Felicity has experience teaching interpreters, drafting language access policies and procedures and creating training for medical staff working with interpreters. Felicity is a member of the Oregon Council on Health Care Interpreters (OCHCI) and Oregon Interpreters in Action.

Patricia (Patti) Anda became a Spanish Oregon Certified Court Interpreter in 2009 (passing score required: 70 in all sections) and obtained the Master Level Oregon Certified Interpreter status in 2012 (passing score required: 80 in all sections). She works as an interpreter for the courts in Oregon and for the Executive Office of Immigration Review. She was the Certification and Training Coordinator for the Oregon Judicial Department from 2012 to 2013. In this assignment, she provided resources for people interested in becoming certified court interpreters and in organizing continuous education trainings for existing court interpreters.

Having completed all requirements to become a Certified Spanish Interpreter on the Oregon Health Care Interpreter Registry, she is in the process of submitting all necessary documentation for certification as a Healthcare Interpreter to the Oregon Health Authority. Patti also has over 20 years of experience with multinational corporations and has held positions in the U.S., Mexico and Asia.