For translations translated and edited by two ATA-certified professionals

Gaucha Translations charges on a per 300-word rate because most assignments are about 300 words to a page. Gaucha Translations charges per 300 source words when assignments are delivered in native Word format. Otherwise, Gaucha Translations charges per 300 target (translated) words. Gaucha adjusts the rates for inflation once every year or two. This is the December 2021 update.

Per 300 words $86 to $100
Per 1,000 words $286

Hourly rates for other services

Service Rate per hour
Formatting $54
Alternate Format $54
ASAP (48-hour business day turnaround) $75
Proofreading (upon Authorized Purchaser request) $54
Desktop Publishing (upon Authorized Purchaser request) $54
Glossary Building (upon Authorized Purchaser request) $54