For translations translated and edited by two ATA-certified professionals

Please note that the per word rate on the DAS application has been converted to a per 300 word rate. This is because most assignments are about 300 words to a page. Gaucha Translations charges per source word when assignments are delivered in native Word format. Otherwise, Gaucha Translations charges per target word.

Service Rate
Per 300 words $80 to $93
Per 1,000 words $265

Hourly rates for other services

Service Rate per hour
Formatting $50
Alternate Format $50
ASAP (48-hour business day turnaround) $70
Proofreading (upon Authorized Purchaser request) $50
Desktop Publishing (upon Authorized Purchaser request) $50
Glossary Building (upon Authorized Purchaser request) $50

DAS clients will be working with the rates in the DAS Price Agreement unless we have negotiated otherwise. However, the rates above are based on the DAS rates.