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Translation Rates

These rates are for direct clients. Translation rates include review by a second highly qualified translator. I, Helen Eby, am certified by ATA in Spanish to English translation, by WA DSHS in English to Spanish translation, by the Oregon Courts for legal interpreting, and by the Oregon Health Authority for medical interpreting. I provide training for interpreting, translation, Spanish writing and language access consultation.



Minimum charge $85
Basic text $0.28/word
Technical and legal text $0.30/word
Text in tables $0.37/word
Hourly rate for translation work from Gaucha office $50/hour
Transcription-Translation $50/ minute of recording See this document for a description of Transcriber-Translators. Helen Eby is a certified court interpreter and a certified translator.
Group training and consulting $110/contact hour

My work order has important questions I always have to discuss before we start a translation project.

These rates are valid for 2018 and are in US Dollars. These prices are for direct clients, and include bilingual review by a highly qualified colleague. For large projects, the price often includes consultation with the client on project issues, such as site visits if possible, maintaining a change log for consistency, developing a style guide, and even developing a table of contents based on the list of documents translated.

Why “edited translations”? Many companies have separate rates for translation and editing. I provide edited translation. I do not deliver unedited translations to most clients.

Transcreation: My definition is rewriting the translation more freely with the target audience in mind. I explain it in detail in this post.  The price is higher than a straight translation because it involves consultation with the client and possibly with representatives of the target audience. Ads and marketing copy that require transcreation will be charged at my hourly rate.
Transcription-Translation (TT): This process includes the step of transcribing an audio file and the separate step of translating that text while consulting with the audio, ideally by the same professional. The final product is a four column table which shows the time stamp, the speakers, the transcribed text and the translated text. TT is a hybrid task involving interpreting and translation skills. Helen Eby is a certified court interpreter and a certified translator, and is therefore qualified as a TT specialist. Additionally, she did TT for the federal government for a few years as a Department of Justice contract linguist.Rates that involve working on weekends due to the clients’ rush deadlines will be subject to a 25% surcharge. The time constraints, however, will be similar, because work takes the same time no matter what day it is done.Gaucha Translations updates rates based on the cost of living. These rates are subject to change without notice.