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During this session, Helen Eby will share a rubric based on established standards of ethics that helps interpreters evaluate skills as well as  the interpreted message.

We will also discuss how to give each other productive feedback and the type of material that would be helpful for interpreting practice. There will be practice in breakout rooms.

At the end of this session, interpreters will be able to:

  1. Evaluate another interpreter’s work objectively.
  2. Give another interpreter objective feedback.
  3. Listen to a recording of their own interpreting and learn from it.
  4. Select practice material for interpreting.
  5. Build a small team to continue practicing on their own.
  6. Relate the quality of their work to the ethics and standards of practice of their profession.

This session is a short introduction, and will not be recorded. It is provided at no cost to OSTI members


Interpreting rubric being used (please print ahead of time)