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ATA will host its 60th Annual Conference in Palm Springs from Wednesday, October 23, to Saturday, October 26

This is the proposal submitted to ATA, published online:

What would a business plan for interpreting look like? This session will examine the interpreting cost of doing business, target markets, product development, marketing strategies, and fixed time costs beyond the visible contact hours. It will focus on preparing attendees for a long-term, sustainable professional practice. Some examples will be taken from other professions for brainstorming purposes. Pricing will be considered in the context of the business plan and product offered to the client in the target market. In compliance with U.S. antitrust law, the speaker will not recommend specific rates.

Room: Majave Learning Center

Helen Eby, CT is the administrator of ATA’s Interpreters Division. An ATA-certified English to/from Spanish translator, she is also a certified court interpreter and certified health care interpreter. She graduated from the Escuela Nacional en Lenguas Vivas as a teacher of English and Spanish. One of her major interests is supporting translators and interpreters, which is why she co-founded The Savvy Newcomer blog. She established training programs for medical interpreting and translation in Oregon.